Updated: Dec 23, 2020


Covid may be that the biggest problem facing humanity will be these unemployed and unhealthy people combined with a challenge for fast-pace solutions’ incurring costs and the unexpected losses for governments. These can have knock on effects for the overall economy and trade position of nation states.

Technology promises us a great deal in the future but might also disrupt humanity by creating a global unproductive utilized class (unhealthy and unemployed or unemployable people) if we do not take action to create a world with better cooperation.

Everyday newspapers are full of news including “after Covid 19” statistics. On 14th August 2020, NLTIMES.NL newspaperpublished an article under the title “Unprecedented: 332.000 Netherlands jobs disappeared in the second quarter of 2020” and another about article under the title “RECESSION: DUTCH ECONOMY SHOWS WORST EVER CONTRACTION” about record contraction of the Dutch economy”

Automation of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) will eliminate many jobs in the coming decades. Of course, new jobs will be created, but it is unclear whether people will be able to learn and develop the necessary new skills fast enough to meet the demands. Another problem will be the speed of development of technology requiring humanity to skill up not just once, but again and again throughout their lives because AI is nowhere near its full potential and the automation revolution will be a multiplicity of events. Old jobs will disappear, new jobs will emerge, but then suddenly new jobs may rapidly change, too. The jobs or the jobs market for next decades cannot be predicted.

In conclusion, AI will revolutionize how people live, work, connect, communicate, and heal themselves. This will create massive potential for those who own it, control it and design it, creating new and powerful institutions and businesses.

AI can pose grave threats if used by a small number of dominating corporations to manipulate the future, creating, and causing malfunctions in business and society and dividing the worlds with manipulative and devious fake news. However, AI itself can also help prevent this if we get actions and take precautions as soon as possible, meaning NOW.


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