E-COM Tips from Amazon Ex-employee to Sell 100% in Huge Numbers - 2.Step :)

To Sell More Categories and Hunt New Customers -

Step 2 - Recommendations on Images

Our E-Com can display several images for each product in the catalogue. While only main images are required for all PARENT_Article_Number and all CHILD_Article_Number (every size in every color and weight).

Why so Important? Customers can make more informed purchasing decisions if we upload several high-resolution product images, and they will surf in the loop we have decided and boarded for them to stay in and in future by using AI tool we can also manipulate them easier by analyzing their actions on the page (which part scared longer, which parts they clicked several times, how long they spent on looking at pics, watch video, etc…) and create rules to sell them more categories by using videos and images. Moreover, we will get higher Google Rank because of the longer time they spend on the product page and click CHILD Products in the planned loop but clicking more in the loop.

Keep in Mind for Google Ranking : Increasing Organic Clicks, Time on Site and Sales Velocity are the most effective way to get rank on Google.

DO NOT FORGET all child products must have same article number, please check the examples below.



PARENT_ARTICLE_MAIN_Image: Only one main image is used per parent listing. We must supply a parent main image.

CHILD_ARTICLE_MAIN_Image: Each Child ARTICLE (corresponding to one SKU) must have a MAIN image that shows only that distinct colorway, and only one view on that item. We must supply a child main image for every color and size option that we sell.

The main image is extremely important as it is shown on the GOOGLE result search page.


Alternative Images: These shows different views of the product to help clarify the use of the product, details on how user-friendly the product is, material, function, fit, sustainability, wow affect if there is. We can supply up to eight alternative images for each PARENT or CHILD SKU.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: The second image is very important as it is shown on the GOOGLE SEACRH PAGE when a customer places the mouse over the product. So it should show function rather than the product itself. See the examples below.


1 Main Image + Alternatives

Swatches: These may be used for close-up views pf patterns or material to show our high quality. We can supply one Swatch_IMAGE per child SKU. Swathes display on the product detail page next to the name of the color or size or weight.

With no swatches image, the child main image will be used displayed instead, which will not show our quality because of pixel issue. Better to use Swatches to build CUSTOMER TRUST and LOYALTY.

GOOGLE Requirements for Images:

Required List for MAIN Images (Parent & Child):

Every item must have a MAIN image for the PARENT_ARTICLE as well as for each CHILD_ARTICLE (Color/Size/Weight/Function Variation)

MAIN image must be on a pure white background (Google Colur Recommendation Code: Hex #FFFFF or RGB 255-255-255)

MAIN Image must show one and only front product view.

MAIN image must show only the product for sale (without extra accessories).

MAIN image must show the entire product (no product parts could be clipped).

MAIN image must have an aspect ratio close to 3:4 (width: height), and the product must occupy at least 85% of the image area in its longest dimension.

For All Images:

Images must be high resolution professional photos with 1000 pixels or larger in either height or width to activate the zoom feature.

The color in the image must match the product for sale.

When the product is shot on a human model, we should use ghost pictures, no face must be shown.

Dr.Keskin Recommendations on Images:

+ Each PARENT and CHILD article should have alternate images to show different product views.

+ Product images for different colors/sizes/weight should be shown flat.

+ If there is human being in the images that shows the function should be cut at the height of the human model eyes. Complete face should not be shown.

X Listing without MAIN images

X MAIN image must not have a non-pure white or landscape background (including shadows extending past side or top of frame)

X MAIN image must be a true photograph, not a sketch, drawing or graphical presentation.

X MAIN image must not have any borders, logos, text, color blocks, inset images or other graphics.

X MAIN image must not contain multiple product views or multiple colorways/sizes except if these are sold together as a multi-pack (which must be mentioned in the title and the pack must have its own specific manufacturer barcode).

X MAIN image must not be on a hanger or holder.

X MAIN image must not show any packaging, tags, certificates, brochures.

X MAIN image must not show products with some parts cropped or folded.

X MAIN image of accessories must not be shot with a human model.

X MAIN image must not show back or side product view.

X MAIN image must not be black and white.

X MAIN image must not show non standing.

X MAIN image must not contain items that are not part of the product listing: only include exactly what customers are buying.

X All images must not be pixelated.

X Images must not have low resolution or size less than 1000 pixel.

X Images must not have offensive or controversial content (e.g. promote hate, Corona, intolerance)

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