Updated: Dec 23, 2020

There are many positive potential solutions in this “New Normal”.

Today, we have technology to get to know people better almost than they know themselves. This can be extremely helpful for them not only in health care but also in many other areas of their busy lives. We can produce AI to calculate signals coming from our bodies and brains analyzing and defining your mood, for example -if you are in a state of panic (maybe you have health problems or economic problems because you lost your job) or not. It is biologically quite easy to do thanks to today’s technology. For example, your AI on your smartphone can tell you when and what is the best decision to make even if you are in panic mode providing suggested solutions through a systemic approach that serves your best interest and welfare. It collects data about what is happening in your body not for the benefit of some cooperation or government but to serve you. If it really works, it may help you to make better decisions for yourself, your life, about your financial, your next career, your possible health problems, and what to study or to whom you might get married.

There are many positive potential solutions in this “New Normal”.

The challenges arise around abuses of global technology and AI. “Fake News” for example, especially on Covid 19; abuses of technology creating Fake News is another dangerous development of the 21st Century. If we cannot trust basic scientific facts such as what is Covid 19 from the widely used internet then the potential dangers carry extraordinary dangers. Reading conflicting facts, taking conflicting instructions only serves to put doubt and fear into our minds and when we read we have no idea what the correct actions are to protect our loved ones. Here, your AI may help you to keep going before it is not too late by analyzing the data and data source and trusting those who have been properly vetted and verified before using the data.

In our lifetime, in the next couple of decades there may be bigger problems. Not because of the epidemic itself but normal disruptive events and challenges with massive economic and political consequences. If we handle it in a positive way using AI tools and skills, we can learn there is a chance we can navigate a safer path to happiness and a better way of life. Covid 19 will certainly not be one of the big events of history thanks to today’s technology because technology has supported safety of world citizens with information, tracking, notifications and other supports. With the help of the AI Foundation, our epidemic experience will help our scholars and stakeholders through a time when the new regime of surveillance fully takes over, especially surveillance under the skin which will be the most important development of the 21st Century. This ability to literally hack human beings to go under the skin and collect biometric data, analyze it and understand people better than they understand themselves. When systems and databases in world government hands and corporate possession know us better than we know ourselves AIQ Foundation will encourage the use of this system for the benefit of all people and citizens of the world to help them to keep going.

We can manage collaborations at Global level with others and maximize the benefits of AI to identify disruptive technologies and their impact on economies, trades and jobs markets, epidemics, protect ourselves and societies against manipulation, and defend our freedoms. We should protect the world for our next generations. We are experiencing a paradigm shift in how we perceive reality due to a rise in sophisticated and malicious AI which can alter our perception of "New Normal".

Burcu Keskin 11.11.2020

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