What is H3 (Hexagonal Hierarchical Spatial Index) ? Grid systems are critical to analyzing large spa

H3: Hexagonal Hierarchical Spatial Index

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A global grid system usually requires at least two things: a map projection and a grid laid on top of the map. A map projection is needed for going from a three-dimensional location on Earth to a two dimensional point on a map. A grid is then overlaid on the map, forming a global grid system.

This process can be accomplished in innumerable ways by combining different map projections and grids, for example, the widely recognized Mercator projection and a square grid. While this simple method would work, it has a number of drawbacks. To start, the Mercator projection has significant size distortion, so some cells will have vastly different areas. Square grids also have drawbacks, requiring multiple sets of coefficients when used for analysis. This disadvantage is a result of squares having two different types of neighbors, one type with which they share an edge (in the four cardinal directions) and another type with which they share a vertex (in four diagonal directions).

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